Thursday, August 24, 2006


Stupid question - Bib

I've had to abandon my baby blanket for a baby shower this weekend and decided to whip out some of the baby bibs and burp cloth. My question is in the pattern after you knit the 64 rows, what does CO 20 mean? Is that cast on?

I will post photos of my finished ballband warshcloths, the Absorbia that still on the needles but LOVE it! and the bibs soon.

It's a misprint - that direction should read to bind off 20 stitches. Good luck w/your bibs!
Some instructions use that for "cast off" but that makes it really confusing. lkmanitou is right, you bind off. Have fun with the bibs. I've made several and given them as gifts.
Thank you both for the answer. I "thought" it was cast off but in the pattern for the burp cloth, they used BO so I was unsure.

thanks again.
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