Friday, August 11, 2006


Two more washcloths and the beginnings of the cutest kimono ever!

Ok, so I finally finished the set of washcloths for my SIL, I like how the ballband turned out, but I'm not too thrilled with my 9 patch efforts...I seem to leave a lot of holes, and weaving in the ends seems to make a bit of a mess, but oh well. Also, here's a picture of the Baby Kimono I'm working on for my little one due in October. It is SO cute and I love the colors! I can't wait to finish it and start one in girl colors since we don't know the sex! I used Sugar n Cream on all of these.
Yellow Dishrags

Baby Kimono

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You may want to knit the sleeves a little longer than the 4 inches designated in the pattern. 4-inches for a new born is okay, but getting it on the baby is a bit difficult.
I love the colorwork on your 9 patch.
I, too, found the sleeves snug at 4 inches. Of course, we brought our baby home from the hospital in record heat for this area of Washington, so she only wore the sweater long enough to get sweaty and take some pics. I did mine in garter stitch (new knitter) so I think that made it less stretchy and harder to get on.

But I liked knitting it so much that I made a second one, in the same yarn as you're using, for a friend's baby!
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