Monday, September 11, 2006


Cuter for 2 - Baby Kimono

With 3 sisters having 4 babies in 3 months - I became a knitting fool. Hats, booties, blankies, all became a part of my knitting projects. Then I saw the Cute Baby Kimono - and made two for my twin newphews, Brock and Reid. Then I made armfuls of the Baby Bibs O'love. I figure this is just the beginning of a lifetime of knitted items that the boys will wear for a photo for their Auntie.

Meet Brock and Reed in their Cute Baby Kimonos! Aren't they adorable??

They are too cute! The kimonos look great on them. Did you knit them exactly like the pattern?
Awwww!!! That is the best way to start a Monday. I love the kimono's. If you really want to be that "Auntie" check out Stitch n Bitch Nation's bunny hat. I love this pattern although it reminds me of the bunny suit in "Christmas Story" ha ha:)
O my goodness--they are so tiny. Congrats on all that auntie-knitting joy ahead of you. xoxo Kay
The boys are so sweet in their kimonos. Details- what yarns, any mods? My first kimono was so small (by pattern) that I think it would last for the first week ONLY. LOL Yours look like there is some growing room.
OOooooooohhhhhhhhhh! That takes me back to the firest days/weeks with my little guy (of course I only had one and no one was kind enough to knit such an adorable gift for him!) Many, many best wishes to you all!
What a sweet picture! The kimonos look great on those fine young fellas. Good to see the kimonos on actual babies -- thanks for posting!
Twin Boy Kimonos...I made them with the exact pattern. Darn, can't remember the yarn, but it's got some acrylic so that their mom can wash and dry them.

The boys were both around 6 lbs. when they were born and are 8 weeks now. It looks like there's plenty of room for them to grow into. And since I made them with a more stretchy yarn, I'm sure they'll fit for a couple more months. Thanks to all for your comments. I'm just so in love with my two newest nephews!
They are too beautiful.
oh my gosh, they are so so so cute in their baby kimonos.
Awwwww, they are adorable!!!!!!!
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