Monday, September 04, 2006


First MD bib complete - daughter not impressed

I had some left-over Lion cotton, and thought I would stitch up a bib for my soon-to-be adopted daughter. It ended up pooling, but I decided this was a design detail to cover food blobs. LOVED making it - sometimes garter stitch is just so darn fun and provides that quick gratification. Next project will probably be the kimono because all the women at work insist on getting pregnant.

In this pic below, you can see that my sweet girl is nowhere near as impressed as I am by my handiwork. In fact, she is preparing to pull it off.

Like the bib....the child is ADORABLE!!
Nice job on the bib. Congratulations on the adoption! Your daughter looks like a darling.
Love the color pattern the varigated yarn made! Best wishes on your adoption.
I love how the colors pooled. You need to claim this as a "design element".
Both little one and bib are very precious!
Thanks! Yeah - not sure which I wanted to show off more -- the bib or the baby! :)
The bib is great and your daugther is so beautiful. Congrats on the adoption.
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