Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Kimono help

I'm making my first Heartbreakingly cute Kimono and am at the part where you first start increasing for the sleeves. I feel like this cast on is really loose and have a lot of holes along the edge. Will these get hidden when I sew it all together? I'm a new knitter and this if my first foray into shaping.

Thanks for your help!


I did one in garter stitch and it wasn't that loose. Then I did one in stockinette and the cast ons were really loose. Once you sew it up, its not that noticable.
Are your holes the yarn overs on the edge? or do you have other holes???
I have holes too. I did my kimono in white but I figured that when I sew it up those will be inside. Time will see.


Laura :)
I am doing this in stockinette, so maybe I'm havng the same experience as Missy.

The holes are not at the yarnovers (I'm not there yet). I'm on the back and just starting the sleeves where you cast on 3 at the beginning of each row. The holes are really just very loose stitches at the outside edges where I'm increasing. I'm using the backwards loop cast on.

Do you use a different cast on method?
In garter stitch the looseness is not as apparent as in stockinette stitch, in my experience. For my cast ons, I did a knitted cast on. Just insert needle as to knit, pull up loop, place on left needle. This is still looser than the matched cast off edge, but better than the reverse thumb cast on.
Lots of differenet cast on methods demonstrated at I wouldn't be knitting if not for that web site! :)
Thanks for the help, everyone. I'm going to rip back to the beginning of the sleeves and try a different cast on method. And next time, I'll do it in garter stitch intead of stockinette!

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