Tuesday, September 26, 2006


knitted dishcloths

I haven't had much time for M-D knitting, unfortunately. I'm still knitting up mitered squares - and crocheted a few, too, just for fun & ha ha's - and working on a log cabin afghan or two :).

These two dishcloths are the beginning of a pile that I'll be putting together for my church's silent auction Columbus Day weekend. My hometown has a big "Octoberfest" every year - minus any beer, it's more a small country fair, almost, minus the animals but includes the bad entertainment - and the church has a silent auction every year. I haven't donated in quite some time, and realized only this past Sunday that it was coming up. I've been busy knitting/crocheting for my family's raffle, and had blinders on, I guess.
So, what to knit or crochet, in less than 2 weeks time, but will still look impressive - but doesn't involve alot of money, or yarn? M-D dishcloths, of course, though if I have time, I'll knit one State of MA cloth, since we are in MA after all.

Good idea. You could also do some baby bibs from the book, they're fast. The washcloths look nice so far!Happy speedy knitting.
I probably will do the baby bibs, too - I keep thinking of it, anyway. My SIL is pregnant & due the end of March, so it really would be nice to do a ton!
Anastacia - your edges are by far the best I've seen. Is that a crochet edge on them?

I'm struggling with adding a slip stitch edge to my second BB washcloth and would love some tips.
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