Sunday, September 24, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

Greetings all you M-D Knitting Fans!
I've wanted to participate for quite some time, but Blogger is just not compatible with this old browser, and any updates are not available!

I've knit a dozen or more ballbands in the waning months of Summer. They are addictive for countless reasons! I also knit a Log Cabin, and will undoubtedly knit many more - they're wonderfully fun to knit, and the creative possibilities are endless. I used mostly worsted weight yarns from my stash (wool and wool blends): lots and lots of leftovers. This can be a great stashbuster!

The only way I can share photos is to provide this link:
Click on the NAME of the photo, under the photo to enlarge. Feel free to check out the other knitting folder, too.

Knit On, People! Jenni

Great job on all your knits! The log cabin is very professional looking. I was wondering if the sweater in the WIP folder is the Knit for Kids pattern?
Very pretty log cabin, and your dishcloths are beautiful too. Sorry you can't post on the actual blog itself, but it's easy enough for us to view your pic's at your site.
Can you not upload using the Blogger picture tool (called Picasso, I believe)?? You can obviously upload pictures online to other sites since you have pictures up on Yahoo. Other picture sites (such as Flickr, which I'm a fan) allow you to upload pictures onto their site and then blog them on blogger sites (and other blog types such as livejournal and such).

Your log cabin is beautiful. I love the greens. =)

If I could do any of the things you've suggested, believe me, I would have! My computer is almost 10 years old, daily falling behind the technology.

Thank you for the compliments.
Ah well, I was hoping I could help. It's a shame we can't see your pictures more easily.
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