Saturday, September 02, 2006


Moderne Teen Blanket finished!

Here it is in its natural habitat. Now you can see where I got the color scheme from. It is soft and drapey, and my 17 year old LOVES it. I completed two log cabin blankets this summer (see the other one MUCH earlier on this blog, or at I plan to use the Moderne pattern again for a baby blanket, and my next small project is the baby kimono.

knitloon--that is fabulous, as are your log cabins. I'm inspired.
Love your blanket. The colors are so rich and warm. I'm way past 17 and I love it, too! --Sally
Lovely blanket. What yarn did you use? I'm wanting to make one of these!
What a great blanket! Hope my 19-year-old doesn't see it - I have too much on my "to do" list already. All of your work is lovely - you do such a nice job.
Everything that you have created on your flicker page was so beautiful! You are a very talented knitter.
WOW! Just great in that room. I can see why your daughter loves it.
I love it too.
Thanks, everyone. The yarn was Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. A totally different feel and weight from my other log cabin, which was made from Plymouth Fantasy Naturale Cotton--very heavy, but still a great blanket.
It's gorgeous. I love the colors and it fits perfectly in it's "natural habitat!"
That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors. The other things on your flicker page are amazing! I wish I could knit like you.
Wow, that is terrific.
oh wow...this turned out great ..i love the colors!!!
Beautiful blanket.
I enjoyed watching your slide show. Wow! You're really good. How long have you been knitting?
VERY KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been knitting for three years. I'm self-taught (with the help of some wonderful knitting books!). I just love it and I've made a little bit of everything. If you love knitting enough to be involved in this KAL, then you could make everything I have, and more.
This blanket is really sensational. Beautiful work!
So Fabulous!!!! Your daughter has to be in heaven!!
it is gorgeous
Great job with the blanket, and great job decorating! Your 17 year old is lucky!
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