Saturday, September 09, 2006


Question about washing items

I'm new to knitting and have a question for all you folks with so much knowledge! I made two warshcloths and two bibs for two new babies, but should I wash them before giving them? I was afraid to do that as they'd look used, but if it's proper, I will go ahead an do so.

All opinions welcome!


I'm not sure what is 'proper', but I always wash an item before gifting it.
I'm also fairly new to this, but I have made a warshcloth and also a couple of bibs, all as gifts. None of which I washed before giving away...for the same fear you have.
I always wash before I give, even though most people wash gifted items before using them. Especially for babies; mommies won't normally put anything on their baby they haven't personally washed. Plus, handknit items look so much nicer after they've been washed and blocked.
I know this has come up on this blog before, but be sure to soak them in a vinegar solution before you wash them to help set the color.
I tend to wash them so that any shrinkage that is going to occur does so before I give it away.
Speaking of shrinkage, has anyone used SnC for the kimono and washed it? I was wondering about sizing.
As a baby nurse we always tell parents to wash the babies new clothes before they put them on the baby. We also tell them not to use detergent but to use baby soap and when you use fabric softener you use the liquid kind not the sheets that go in the dryer.
I always wash them, because sometimes when I wash my creations a string comes loose. I hate to think the gift might unravel before even being worn! (or maybe I could get a bit better at securing my ends:)
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