Monday, September 04, 2006


Two Squares of Four-Squares

I am seaming-up--in parts of four--my mitered squares for my Noro blanket in hopes that doing the seaming-up over time will prevent major seaming burnout. Currently these two 4-squares are hanging up over my bed (they were taking up too much dining table space). Best complement thus far has been from my boyfriend who said that they look like abstract art!
Holly of HollYarns

They are beautiful.
I love the squares, I am on my 4th square, going to take me a long time.Yours is beautiful and it gives me hope to carry on.
I think they look beautiful Holly, and totally agree on the theory all seaming at once can kill a girl's spirit!
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Wow...they're gorgeous!
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so what's with this party poker stuff? should it be "reported" to anyone??
ps- love those colors!
That is great! Did you switch colors on each block or did they naturally turn out that way? I have some extra Noro that I tried on a dizzy rug, but it did not work so hot. This would be a great use for it.
Hey KAL-ers,
THanks for the sugar (the compliments). I have 37 of the individual mitered squares done and still need another 43--ugh! Taking a break from the knitting of the actual mitered squares, but am piecing the individual squares into blocks of 4 sort of willy-nilly and sort of planned color-wise. In response to Nicole, if I get what you are asking, then I'd respond that each individual mitered square (there are 8 pictured) knitted up they way they are colorwise by virtue of the yarn itself, but the two squares of 4 individual mitered squares were put together colorwise by my own choice. Hopefully that makes sense and answers your question? [As for the poker posts--yeah, they probably should be reported; I've just been too busy to bother. They are most certainly ANNOYING!]
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