Monday, September 25, 2006


Update - Am a knittin fiend right now!

Having fiber for brains at the moment, I typed my blog url incorrectly! Sorry! Thanks for those who know me (God bless ya!) and alerted me to my faux pas! It is now corrected!

I have been knitting warshcloths like crazy. My sister is coming for a visit (more info on that in my blog!) and I want to have some cloths and a couple of towels for her to take back. I am nervous about the I knit more to achieve peace...while I knit I think about her visit...which makes me more nervous so I knit more...It is a big ol' vicious cycle! I promise I will post pics soon.

Have a good day, y'all!

Don't worry, I'm always a knitting fiend. I knit all the time. I think it's because it does calm me. I saw a book about the zen art of knitting. Also in the mdk book I recall a spot where it mentions that log cabin knitting is "zen, zen, zen." I'd have to agree, I think it may be the soothing repetitive motion. Who knows, good luck with your dishcloths and towels, and also with your sister's visit.
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