Sunday, September 03, 2006


WOTA boxes

Finally, I am an official MD KAL blogger! These boxes were knit with WOTA on 10.5's. The pink looks REALLY pink on my monitor, but is is actually much more muted. The boxes nest perfectly, although I admit I was too impatient to knit them all before felting.

I check the blog every easy obssession!

Very cool! I made a set of these too in WOTA. I'm totally hooked! I plan on making a bunch more sets to keep on hand for gifts. Love the colors you chose!
Did either of you double the WOTA, or did you just use a single strand? I have some of that in the stash and have been daydreaming of little felt boxes...
Yes, the strands were doubled. Thanks for bringing that up! And, I used 10.5's for one box, and 13's for the other two. All came out great.
Thanks mcknit- they look wonderful! I love the colors. What happened differently (in felting, etc.) when you changed needle size?
Oddly enough, I do not see a difference. Maybe the ones with the larger needles started out larger (relatively speaking) but then felted a bit more, so they all came out the proper sizes to nest?
These are beautiful! Sorry for the ignorance, but what is WOTA?
I doubled WOTA and used size 11 needles. My set nests perfectly, and I'm happy with the size, so I'm just going with that as I knit more sets of these to keep on hand for gifts. I love them!
OH! WOTA=KnitPicks Wool of the Andes
Thanks for the WOTA and needle size info. The stacking boxes will be my next project once I'm finished with my bath rug.
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