Monday, October 09, 2006


Baby Kimonos
It is hard to see just how wonderful and SOFT these turned out. They were my first ones and I am ready to try another with Kiddo (color fruit salad). I used a simple pattern to make matching caps with the left over yarn. I enjoy seeing all the great projects posted and am so inspired by the creativity on here.
Thanks for posting the great pics.

Did you use peaches and creme or some other yarn?
I love the yarn. I tend to not like verigated yarn due to how it "pools", but I love the tweedy effect of this yarn. What did you use?
Ditto to kate & heather! Must know yarn!! The "watercolor" one up top especially!
The yarn I used was Velvet Touch by Wendy. Its SUPER soft like chenille. The Kiddo knits even softer and larger than the Touch. The colors I used were Candy and Soft Tones. They are easy to find on the net. I bought them here at Idle Hours in Ft. Myers Fl
These look so soft and cuddly. Great job.
I just love the way the ribbon mathces the darker set- very nice!
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