Saturday, October 14, 2006


Calamari Knitting

I too have been obsessively lurking while my list of projects from The Book is getting longer. (There are ballband dishclothes and towels and MD washcloths. I've got an absorba on the needles (and one waiting to go). I've got linen for hand towels and boxes waiting to felt. I desperately want a bubbly curtain and more rugs. And a blanket for the bed.)

This "yarn" is 4.6 pounds of t-shirt tubes. (The dog is 40 pounds.) The needles are 25 mm. I had very little to do with getting this far. I brought a bag full of t-shirts home for Mom to cut up (she's got the space and the quilting supplies to make it go faster) and when I came in from running with the dog this is what I had.

Knitting with those 25 mm needles is also quick. It is not a "portable project" - more like a ball and chain. I've knit one 24 stitch wide strip and one 12 stitch wide strip. I plan to sew them together to get a wider piece. In order to use the "blanket" as a pet bed, it needs to be thick - so I'm hoping it all shrinks a bit when I wash it. I'll keep you posted.

That's one big ball and chain. Beautiful dog, btw.

It's taken me forever to make any progress cutting up the t-shirt stack. I'm jealous of space, quilting supplies and a willing assistant!
What kind of dog is that? Please, I *have* to know!

Good luck! That t shirt knitting is too ambitious for me!
looks like a chow... i had a chow once.

thats gonna be a nice rug.
Arroooo and tail wiggles for the fine compliments from Aurora. She's a samoyed - with her summer hair cut not grown out. She's really a furball.

T shirt knitting is ambitious - but terribly satisfying. It makes something big very fast.
LOL at the 'ball and chain'--that is exactly right! But what a nice dog bed it will make--the indestructible handknit, and it matches the dog! xox Kay
Is that an Alaskan Klee Kai? Or is my perspective of how big that dog it really off?
I have a pic like that with a giant yarn ball and my Akita...

She's gorgeous. :)
Looks like a samoyed to me. :)

(a friend of mine breeds them)
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