Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hip to be Mitered Squared

Here is colorway # 249...
In attempt to have a method to my mitered square madness, I've decided to do my latest round of squares in a row from the same ball. What I mean is: I will knit up an entire skein of one colorway and keep those squares in order as they are knitted up that way I can document how the colorway plays out when it is knitted up. This will also enable me to look back at the colorways and say either: "Oooooh, I love that colorway! That'll make a great______(fill in the blank)" or "Yuck! So not a good colorway. No mas Noro, para mi, por favor!"
Holly of HollYarns

Hey---And we get the benefit of your creativity in thinking up this way to document the stuff and your research. Sometimes it is too hard to imagine what is inside that little ball when you can ony see a smidge of color peeking out.

Too cool!
This Noro stuff looks so wonderful. Wow those miter's sure look great. I love 'em anyway, but make with such a great looking yarn and you just can't go wrong. Awesome coloration.
Being able to knit someday with a Noro yarn is definitely on my wish list.

Very pretty color combos :)
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