Tuesday, October 03, 2006


In love with Bobbles

Hi Everyone. Great job on all the projects, I've been reading, but haven't posted in a long long time. However, I just finished my first MDK Washcloth. The one in the round with all the bobbles? Right. So, it turned out pretty good. I'm considered I guess an advanced beginner. I like to challenge myself with new things, but if it gets TOO challenging, I might freak out. Within the last couple of months, I've learned to knit in the round and use DPN's. So, I figured it was time to cast on the 150 and start it up. I did REALLY good, considering I had to watch the pattern very close. The bobbles & eyelets.. perfect. Toward the middle.. not so good. I don't know what I did, I think I slip purlwise, instead of knit. (i got cocky) I am ready to cast on another one. They are much quicker than the ballband for me, maybe I have ballband burnout. Any tips or suggestions that you've learned from these badboys would be much apprecriated! Thanks! Melody

Melody, you did great--just think of any wonky decreases or slips as a design feature. I love the end result--it reminds me of popcorn. Mmmmm....popcorn.
It looks great! What yarn did you use?
I did my first one last week. Found a dropped stitch hanging out all droopy-like once I was finished, so had to tie it in upon completion with the ever-so-lovely "square knot on the wrong side" technique...yours looks great! I loved learning all of the fancy-schmancy stuff on a low-pressure project. "Eh--it's just a dishcloth." Three-year-old son thought the DPNs were cool: "Mom's knitting a spider!" And now I know how to use them!
popcorn! it does like a big fluffy piece !! i just used the Sugar N Cream. (i have it in abundance) dont tell hubby. :)
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