Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Just in time for cold weather!

I finally finished my mitered square project that I started in April. This was my swimming pool/car/soccer practice knitting project. I decided to make it into a scarf. It measures 7 inches X 65 inches. The yarn is Mandarine Naturelle cotton leftover from another project. Size 6 needles. The squares are the smaller size (CO 48) and there are 56 of them. I used Kay's no-sew version so when it came time to sew them up I had 12 squares and four 1/2 square for the ends. I sewed them back to back (into a tube) so that it is reversible and added matching polymer clay buttons to keep it flat. I finished with an I-cord fringe. I just love it! Here is a picture of my five year old son wearing it and a picture of the front and back.


Wow....I love the scarf and your little son looks adorable wearing it! Very creative!
What a lovely scarf! So original! May I ask how you, "sewed them back to back (into a tube) so that it is reversible". I am trying to invision this, but without a cup of coffee this morning I am suffering from limited brain power.
The I Cord fringe impresses me. I am totally inept at I Cord.
It's fabulous! What a great idea.
That may be the best use of mitered squares I've ever seen -- what a fantastic scarf!

So -- how did you do the fringe?
That is amazing! I love it!!
That is just adorable! I'd better not let my two 5 year olds see that, or they'll both be clamoring for one! Thanks for the inspiration!
That's beautiful! I haven't tackled mitered squares yet, but this inspires me. I love the colors and the way you put them together. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who knits at soccer practice!
Wow. That is beautiful. Well done!!
What a great variation! Beautiful! I am too new to do this pattern as a blanket, but this I may be able to try!
I love that. What a great idea.
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That is great
Beautiful scarf and what a cute son you have!
That is one nice (amazing) scarf and how did you ever think to use an i-cord fringe?
Your son must be very proud of his very creative Mom. I should stop looking at everyone's postings...it's making my knit-to-do list oh soooo very long!
How cool!

This gives me all kinds of ideas for miters (and even Log Cabins): scarves, table runners, placemats, coasters, Christmas ornaments...
I'm so glad that everyone liked my scarf. I got the idea for the I-cord fringe from Nicky Epstein's book "Knitting Over the Edge". I just knitted a bunch of I-cords in different lengths, tying knots in the longer ones. I used the mattress stitch for seaming the whole scarf so I just sewed in the I-cord as I seamed the end. I used Kay's no-sew mitered squares which allows you to pick up stitches as you knit miters and you end up with a square of four mitered squares. I had 12 of these squares. So I seamed them together so that I had two rows of six squares. I sewed these two rows together, then folded it over and sewed up the other seam resulting in a tube with the ends open. I added buttons in the center of each large square so that the scarf would stay flat and then I added the I-cord fringe to finish it.
that is a-ma-z-ing! oh my gosh, it's really cool..wow! i can't think of anything else to say
Wow, that took way more patience that I have, I can assure you.
Okay, Francie, you are way too talented, but I love that.
I am crazy about that scarf, and I love the I-cord fringe...it's just the right weight to balance the rest of it. Great job (and cute kid)!
No wonder everyone is ga ga about this scarf. Number one: it's the mitered square. B: It's awesome. Well done!!!
Francie you are the MITER QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA!!!

Wow it's so cute, and so 'YOU'. xox Kay
Beautiful! What a lovely adaptation of the mitered squares.
To die for! I want to make one.
Wow! That is a beatiful scarf, and a great alternate use for the miter square.
That is awesome!!!
OH my god that is fantastic!!!
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