Sunday, October 15, 2006


Log Cabin II... done!

Check out the M-D KAL folder at:

to see my second log cabin.
It measures approximately 32"x30" and is knitted with Marr Haven worsted wool.
Since it's a 'rough' wool, I left off the border, for a simple look. It took me 12 days to knit - but that's all I knit on.

Of course, I already have ideas for a third log cabin!

Very Nice! Love the colors.
The colors are lovely. What weight would you say the yarn is? I'm planning a log cabin blanket of my own, and I think I want wool, but not very bulky stuff.
Nice, very nice achievement. Be very proud of your accomplishment.
I think I like that even better than the first. I'm off to moderne first, but keep getting inspired for logs.
Both your log cabin blankets look very nice, very professional. You've achieved such straight lines! I have straight-line envy, LOL!
Thank you! I so enjoy knitting them!

jen: this yarn claims to be a worsted weight, but I totally disagree. I used US#10needles, and feel like I could have easily bumped to #10.5 for more ease and comfort. I personally couldn't see myself using a #8, although that's what the ballband calls for. It would be way too tight. The first log cabin, is of worsted weights, wools, and wool blends, from my stash.

Straight line envy - crack me up!
Your colors are beautiful, very earthy. I really like the blanket without the border, it's lovely. I've been debating about a border on my Moderne log Cabin, now I'm convinced it's just as finished looking without.

Nice work
That is very cool - both of them! I like the three dimensional look you've achieved with the colours. V professional looking.
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