Saturday, October 21, 2006


Need help with Ann's Dishcloth

Mason Dixon KAL

I am trying to knit Ann's Dishcloth as posted on www.bruxknit' It is made up of alternating squares of embossed heart blocks and moss stitch.

Row 15 ends the first set of blocks and the pattern then shows rows 16, 17 and 18. Then the pattern reads "continue in this way, alternating blocks of moss stitch and embossed hearts for a total of 60 rows." This is where I get in trouble...if I follow the pattern, as written, I am not alternating the squares and I'm having a heckava time trying to figure out what to do next.

Can anyone help me with this....without making me feel like an idiot???????

Roseville, CA

I couldn't find the pattern on the site you mentioned, so I googled it and found it here (pdf). Repeat Rows 1-15 four times... so knit rows 1 thru 15, then 1 thru 15, four times in all... that will give you a 4x4 block pattern dischloth. It's confusing b/c the pattern lists rows 1 to 18, then say to continue in the pattern, but Row 1 is the same as Row 16.
Inside the brackets {} on each line of the instructions, the "[k1, p1] 4 times" makes the moss stitch block, and the rest of it makes the heart block. So every other set of blocks, you'll need to change the order so you're doing moss stitch above the heart blocks from the previous section.
Thank you both!!!

Finally figured out that on the second set of blocks you have to switch the knits and purls on the heart block. It is easy to SEE what needs to be done, but the pattern sure doesn't make it easy to read.

The cloth is almost done and is really cute, so, even though I don't like the pattern, I'll be making it again.

Again, thanks for your help.

Roseville, CA
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