Monday, November 20, 2006 I need some soap

Hey to all! I am busy knitting warshcloths for Christmas presents - 40 of em. (10 down - 30 to go). Now I need some lovely and/or funky soap to put with them. I also need it to NOT be expensive. Anyone have any ideas? I would appreciate any advice.

in my area we are ripe with soapmakers. Dunno why. So I hop down to the food co-op and buy something nice & homemade.

For dish-type soap I like the Method brand sold at Target.

wow! 40!
I like to buy the sample sizes at Bath & Body Works when they're on sale.

And I like the Method brand, too.
If you'd like some funny/funky, but wonderful smelling soaps, check out I'm giving these soaps with my ball band cloths this year. She's got good prices, especially if there's any on sale.
My sister and I use to find pure glycerin bars for about a buck each at the Dollar General Stores and sometimes, if you're lucky at the local Walgreens on the corner...
This lady has wonderful soaps!
I like the soaps from Bearden Soap Shoppe in Michigan. They are reasonably priced and fabulous soaps. Check them out at
They have some really cute Christmas glycerin soap at Michael's for $1 a piece. Snowmen, Santa Claus, etc. I have thought about doing what you're doing, and these soaps were what I was planning on using...
One more idea - Target has some bath stuff in the dollar bin.
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If you live near an Asian grocery/import store, I recommend looking for Bee & Flower soaps. They're smallish bars that come in lovely scents like sandalwood, rose, jasmine and lavender. The bars are wrapped in pretty, colorful paper labels. Here in the NYC area, Bee & Flower usually costs 50 cents or less per bar. That's not a misprint!
Yardley Of London has nice soaps - Oatmeal and Lavendar are nice...

But then again, if you know what people use, their favorite bar would be fine.

And for other suggestions, instead of soap, why not a mug? With the warshrags stuffed inside - for cleanging up later? There are so many bath or kitchen options here... anything that fit their personalities works...
I second the Bee Flower soap idea - I get them in chinatown for about 35c apiece and they smell awesome.
40 of them!! OMG!! Great idea!!
I thought my "knit everybody socks by Christmas" plan was crazy, but at least I don't have to make 40! Good luck to you.
I third the bee & flower soaps. I also recommend soaps from indian grocery stores. lovely rich scents & no animal by-products (like bee & flower). Bee & Flower has the best packaging by far, though.
Thanks for all the suggestions! I have an asian grocery store in the next town over - I think I will pay them a visit. Am also checking out the homemade soap websites. Thanks again - you guys are wonderful!
I ordered a bunch of antibacterial handsoaps from Bath and Body Works to give with my ballbands. Now, they're not handmade, but they are 4 for $10. Plus, they come in lots of fun scents/colors, so I matched the color of the ballband to the color of the soap. They have two Kitchen scents too.
If you have a World Market (they're a chain) close to where you are, they sell great imported french soaps, and they're super affordable
I just stopped in Bath and Body Works and they have their anti-bacterial hand soaps (many kitchen-scented and pretty!) on sale for 4/$10! I picked up some and will match them to a few ballbands for those essential have-on-hand hostess or teacher or whatever type gifts
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