Saturday, November 25, 2006


Experimental Jean Jacket

Here are 2 pictures of my MD jean jacket. The back piece is knit out of my first try at spinning a thickish singles; the color gradation turned out a little more abrupt than I'd like. The spindle chart is from Spin-Off magazine's 25th anniversary sweater froma few years back. The flower on the front is made from recycled sari silk (commercially spun) and handspun green for the leaves.

Your jean jacket is awesome. I love it! Beautiful work!
Happy knitting :)
That is very cool. I especially love the corsage!
That is so cool! Great job.
Beautiful. I've made a scarf out of recycled silk and have been trying to think of what to do with the rest (I have 6 balls), it is so much scratchier than I thought it would be.
That is just beautiful.
That's fabulous. You deserve lots of kudos.
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