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How long to knit one Ball Band Warshrag?

My daughter's wedding is November 11. The bridal luncheon is Nov. 10. We were talking on the phone today, and she said, "So, are the washclothes you were knitting for the bridesmaids done?"

WHAT WASHCLOTHES???? Apparently in a fit of pre-wedding generosity I had offered to knit washclothes to go with the personal spa gift sets my daughter has put together for the bridesmaids. I think I had some sort of elegant, lacy items in Euroflax in mind. Of course, I promptly forgot all about it.

So here is my question: Can I, in the next week, knock out 3 ball-bands? I knit at a moderate speed. Oh - I am also making the wedding cake. I will have 5 hours of knitting time on the airplane, and will be able to grab other moments in the following week. And I could knit at night...

Or should I tell her to go to Walmart and buy 3 of those net thingies??



Well I can knit a ball band in two days if I have lots of time, so it doesn't sound impossible. If it's a spa gift you could do all one color ball bands so they still have the texture but in simple spa colors like ecru and white. No color changing would probalby make it faster.
It takes me about 2 days to knit a washcloth, too. You can do it! :)
I think you can do it!! Just get a nice varigated cotton so you don't need to switch colours ... and you could get your daughter to knit too!!
GO FOR IT!!!!!

You are mother of the bride! You are invincible!
I knitted ballband warshclothes while riding in a van for 8 hours. I was able to finish one in about 6 hours, with interruptions. I got faster as I went.
I knitted ballband warshclothes while riding in a van for 8 hours. I was able to finish one in about 6 hours, with interruptions. I got faster as I went.
If you like, I'll knit one for you. I can get one done by Monday (maybe Tuesday). What are the bridal party colors?
i think you can do it. it takes about 5-6 hrs a pop. i'm not the fastest knitter, either. (that's with interruptions).
it takes me somewhere around four hours to knit a ballband washcloth... i think you can do it!
I think you can got it.
Go for it!
You can totally do it...I knit while watching the JV/Varsity football game this past Friday.
You can do it! After memorizing the pattern--just get it in your head--it goes fast. I think it goes faster, though, with two colors--even if they are both neutrals or what have you. If it's all the same color you get major eye strain because you really have to WATCH for that slipped stitch coming up. When there is a color change it's easy to see the pattern better.
What everyone else said! And adding...

You can make them a little smaller, too, if they are wash cloths instead of dish rags.
Tell her to go buy the net thingies. That will take the pressure and bad mojo away. You'll be able to get them done with no trouble.
I recently knit 3 ballbands on a 5 hour flight. I did the smaller ones - only cast on 33 stitches and did 9 rows of bricks. Hope that helps.

Also, I rather like the smaller size better - especially if they are meant as part of a spa gift and not for doing dishes.
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Wow, you guys rock! I love the knitting community, you are the coolest women around.

lisab, email me if you are still willing to help out!

I like the idea of the spa colors, and making them a little smaller. But... asking my daughter to knit one? NOT. I think she's got too much going on. However, I could enlist my mother in a pinch.

I also think the idea of having the net thingies to keep away the bad luck is an excellent idea. I used to do that when I first learned to make homemade pie crust. I always kept frozen pie crust around, just in case.

Thanks, everyone!

I say, go for it, if you don't finish them all, put them in the baskets while on a needle or piece of yarn and take them back to finish after the wedding, I've done that for the holidays when I've been overambitious. But I also think you could do 3 in 5 days, they do get faster as you go.
I did one in 24 hrs. I started in afternoon one day, worked a little before bed, did somemore during the day and finished just about the same time the next day. I would say 4-5 hours per cloth. You can do it.
While I think you could complete them, my advice is to not make them. Slow down, don't try to do it all and just enjoy this time with your daughter.
Today is the 13th, were you able to make them? How was the wedding?

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