Sunday, November 19, 2006


Mason Dixon KAL

Mason Dixon KAL
Hi, I have just purchased MDK book and love it. I have started the warshrag, and co45 with #7 needles and Sugar & Cream. It seems like it's going to be gigantic. From everyone's experience with this yarn, what should the approx.finished size be?

I haven't measured mine, but I like the size a lot. Many here do them with a caston of 33 stitches though, if you prefer something smaller, try that.
i tend to knit a little bit tight, but i just measured one of my dishcloths and it was about 8 inches square on size 7 needles. hopefully that helps!
I've been making them with 39 + 4 for a two-stitch i-cord edging (suggested by someone on this KAL!) and like that size. But the 45 is nice and big.
Yes, I find 45 really too unwieldy for hand-washing dishes, cleaning out the insides of glasses, etc. I do 33 + 4 for the i-cord border ~ about 7.5" wide.
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