Saturday, November 25, 2006


Miter Square Four Patch Dishcloth

Yarn: 2 colors of 4-ply worsted cotton:
Needles and Hook:
Gauge: 4 sts and rows per inch

Pattern: CD Cooper, based on concepts and instructions in Mason-Dixon Knitting book and blog.

1. Make piece 1 (rectangle), starting at the short end.
2. Pick up stitches and make piece 2 (square). Together, piece 1 and 2 form an L-shaped piece of knitting.
3. Pick up stitches along piece 1 and 2 and make piece 3 (miter square)
4. Make the edging.

Finished size: About 9" square

Leftover yarn:
Approximate cost: Less than $1 (MC: $0.42 and CC: $0.48)


Very nice. Thanks for the pattern :)
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