Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Mitered ~ and Bordered ~ Squares

I started this project in June and enjoyed it throughout the last five months. I have knitted some other things during that stretch as well, but I really appreciated its portability and summer coolness. The yarn is Reynolds Saucy bought the previous summer from Webs for this very project even though the book wasn't published; I just got inspired by the MDK blog. Details and prior posts at my blog, maggistitches.

Miter's are great, aren't they? Nice blanket!
Beautiful. You did a great job.
Beautiful! I am itchin to do one!
That is GORGEOUS!! You're an inspiration to me to keep going on mine!!
Cool! I really like the colors you chose.
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That is absolutely gorgeous! Great colors!!
Very pretty. I really like how you arranged the squares. Very nice effect!
Happy knitting :)
I love it ~ great job! The colos look so nice together!!
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