Monday, November 06, 2006


Mitered Square Madness--Methodized

Here is Noro Silk Garden Colorway #247--look how pretty the colors knit out:
For Colorway #249, CLICK HERE. Apparently, the second half of my Mason Dixon-Inspired Mitered Square Throw Blanket is going to take FOREVER. I now have 49 of 80 total squares--OOOF! Those final 31 may take me all winter at the rate I am going with school, tutoring, substituting, living, and breathing all getting in the way.
Holly of HollYarns

Holly -
Those are absolutely beautiful! I really love Noro, too.
I know it is very slow going, but you will have such a wonderful piece of art when you are finished.
I did two Koigu jackets in mitered squares, and they are fun to do. Luckily on those projects, I picked up stitches and didn't have to sew them together.
Keep up the great work!
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