Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Newbie with first FO!

Hello, I'm new to the KAL. My name is Lisa and I'm a thirty-six year old, mother to five. We are expecting #6 in January. I learned to knit a couple of years ago, though I haven't touched needles or yarn for about the past two years. I went back to school and just couldn't find the time for any kind of hobby at all. However, since I'm taking a break from school now for a while (with the baby coming and all) I though it would be the perfect time to take it up again. I've forgotten most of what I learned previously, so I'm basically re-learning.

Anyway, I got the book MDK from my library and it opened my eyes to all kinds of things that I can make. I never would have thought of knitting dishcloths, LOL! But you always need them...all year long. How fun! So I went and bought some P'nC and attempted my first ballband dishcloth. I'm planning more dishcloths and some kimonos for the new baby next.

OK, I'm impressed that you're able to make time to knit when you've got 5 kids w/one on the way. Good job! ;->
Congratulations ...on the dishcloth. It looks wonderful!

..and also for baby #6! Think of all the great things you can knit now!
I have 6 children also. Youngest is 6 months. We also is always busy..I would go insane without my knitting.
good job!
hugs, debra
I only have 3 kids and feel buzy--wow mom of 5 and #6 on the way, knitting is just what you need again. I sometimes feel like knitting is the only accomplishment that stays done around the house. I look forward to it, and I love it. Kimono's sound really great for the new little one. Maybe some bib's and burp cloth's too....
yeah for you. I too feel overwhelled with three. My youngest is 1 on the 22nd. G
the more the merrier! I have three boys...knitting is my sanity, the kids are my joy!
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