Thursday, November 02, 2006


Next ballband question

You guys have convinced me that I can do this! I'm the mother of the bride, I am invincible. Besides, my daughter already bought the net thingies, so we have a backup.

Next question: has anyone used anything besides Sugar/Peaches and Cream? I'm just thinking maybe something a little nicer... that might not fade as much.

I may be totally overthinking this -- they are WARSHRAGS for Pete's sake! But if anyone has experience with other yarns, let me know.



Nothing wrong with cotton! You could wrap them up nicely in little bundles or perhaps add them to a small basket with other lovely items.
Bearnat's Cotton Tots is really nice soft cotton, but it only comes in pastels.
A couple of ideas:
1. Use pale colors that won't fade so obviously -- pale pink and natural/ecru, for example. Or just knit all in one color, like natural (Wal-Mart sells cones for about six bucks), and get that spa look.
2. Treat with vinegar to reduce fading.
I have used Classice Elite Provence or ends of Takhi Cotton Classic, both are more expensive than I would think to buy for dishcloths, but with odds and ends I don't feel bad (and it is for the bridesmaids). Also, anything mercerized shouldn't fade as much, and cotton should be on sale now.
I've used organic cotton (bought on ages ago) and bamboo yarn (yes, actually made of bamboo). They're softer than regular kitchen cotton, and my best friend loves hers.
I have used fig tree cotton, and really like it a LOT
Thanks. I have loads of Cotton Classic in my stash, and also a skein of GGH Scarlett. May play around with those... or go with good old reliable. I'll see what I find in my stash and elsewhere.

Pics when everything is done! Thanks for the advice, y'all!
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