Thursday, November 16, 2006


Nina Shawl for Fall

I've heard knitters talk about being sad when a project ends. I wondered what that felt like. Now I know. I loved working with the colors on this project. (Actually, I'm still toying with the idea of embroidering on it....) A companion pillow will definitely have to happen someday.

I used Cascade Sierra, a cotton & wool blend. The colors are lush and the drape is lovely.


that's SOOOO beautiful! great job!!
That is fabulous.
These colors are so gorgeous. And the way you put them together is awesome. Great job! --Sally
that is lovely. i love the colors you chose!
oh- just lovely! So nicely drapey. Inspires me to keep going on mine- I'm almost half way!
It is absolutely gorgeous!
beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
that is really beautiful! you have a great eye for color!
I really love your color choices. Now I really want to make this Shawl! Great Work!
Wow that is gorgeous!! What colors did you use, if you don't mind sharing? Great job!!
I love your shawl. This is absolutely beautiful. Great job. i know you will enjoy wearing it and showing it off. I love it!!!
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Wow, beautiful, I'm still trying to choose colours for a Nina, those are great.
The minute I saw that I thought it was just amazingly gorgeous!! Stunning job. I too would be sad it was done. Those colors are just scrumptious.
It. Is. Stunning.

Really. Congratulations!!
Just beautiful! I love the colours you chose. Enjoy!
Wow! Fantastic, love the colors.
That is incredible!!!
That is so lovely- you did a great job putting together those colors.
That is beautiful. The colors are great.
I love your shawl. Your color choices are really nice. Would you share the color numbers, expecially the green and gold?

Thanks so much,

As the mother of "Nina", both in a literary and knit-sense, I must tell you that I think your version of the "Nina" is outstandingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am forwarding a copy to the original "Nina" who is, for the moment, confined to her bed and waiting for the birth of her first child - a daughter. Since she's decided to name her "ella", I am now thinking of a namesake blanket.
Thanks, again.
Phyllis Howe
I love the colours you picked for your Nina Shawl!!!

I am currently in the process of making a Nina blanket for my mother (2x the Nina Shawl) - but not in as great colours! Doing it in mercerised cotton which hopefully will drape as well as yours. I find your post inspiring, though. It is a long haul and I was (almost) glad that I had to halt progress when waiting for last colour to come into my LYS.
Thank you all for the kind words! About the colors....I'm hunting around for the ball bands to give the specific numbers but can't put my hands on them (frustrating!). I will post when they turn up. However, I can share that I bought the yarn as a "pack" from . It's called 'Vincent's Sunflowers' (a very smart way to think about color choices!). I had purchased the yarn because I already knit a blanket with Cascade Sierra and liked how the colors worked together. There's enough sheen from the cotton to give the colors a lift, but then the bit of wool adds a nice blending effect.

The 'Nina' pattern is a wonderful opportunity to play with color and texture !!! Just match up the values of your yarn choices -- light. medium & dark -- with what the designer Phyllis Howe has in the photo and you can't lose. ~ Mary
To Phyllis Howe ~ Thank you so much for your comment! Your pattern is fantastic template for a knitter to play with color and texture. The end result lights up a room! All the best to your family as you await the arrival of little Ella . (I started knitting when I had very limited mobility while expecting my third daughter so your comment touched me all the more ) Be well, Mary
Your shawl came out gorgeous! I'm just starting mine & wondered how you got the 60 inches since if you add up the rows by the gauge you come up at least 10 inches short. Did you add more stripes or lengthen the ones already there? Also, my bottom is curling up, will that get better as I knit on?

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