Monday, November 13, 2006


Psychedelic Squares FINISHED

I started this blanket about three years ago when Kay first wrote about it on the blog. I've worked on it off and on since then, through multiple soccer, softball and swim team seasons. Finally, the book and an impatient 12 (now 13) year old pushed me to finish.

Combining two MDK signature elements -- Sugar N Cream and miters -- here is my daughter's candy-colored blanket in nature:

And in its natural setting:

She loves it -- we're happy!

Oh, Sylvia! Out of Sugar and Cream?! LOVE it!..even more than the one I am about 1/4 of the way through. Great job!
Awesome!!Truely wonderful--you two should definitely be happy about it. Beautiful job!!
That is beautiful and I am sure well worth the wait! I have thought of making one out of sugar and creme, is it really heavy?? Someone said 100% cotton would be real heavy so I havent tried yet so I thougt I would ask. Anyway knit-on your work is beautiful! that's gorgeous!!!!!!!
Wow, it's stunning.
Oh, wow, this is so beautiful, I literally got tears in my eyes! Your daughter is a lucky girl. Way to go, Sylvia, artist extraordinaire!
This is so pretty! And you have convinced me that I can do it and that I can afford it.
its awesome. it makes me want to start/finish mine like- yesterday. youre daughter is way WAY lucky.
How many miters were you getting out of the skeins of SnC?
I love it too!
It's gorgeous!! Very nice job!
i was thinking of doing this in Sugar N Cream but wasn't sure howit would turn out. i am so glad to see that someone sles thought to do it also and that it turned out so well!!!

It is absolutely beautiful. Great job. Mitered squares are a great travel project. I know your daughter will cherish it.

It's just beautiful.
Sugar and Cream? Even more awesome!
Thanks for the compliments! Regarding the Sugar N Cream: the blanket has some heft, but I don't think it's too heavy. I have no idea how much I used, as I was constantly adding colors. We used the total SnC spectrum from pastel to neon. The appeal of the blanket to me is having a riot of color that pulls the eye. It won't get as much washing as a dish rag, but I do anticipate a bit of fading as well as softening. I have a Kitchen Cotton blanket that's held up very well. I'm working on a Log Cabin in blues/whites SnC on a size 8 -- it makes a cozy fabric.
That is indeed beautiful. Did you mattress stitch them together? Block first? I'd love more details like how many balls did it take. I'll bet it's warm too.
Really beautiful, she must be thrilled.
It's totally gorgeous! I love your color choices. This will be a cherished heirloom!
Wow the colors really work well the way you've situated them. I love it! How exciting that you finally finished. You should be very, very proud.
I have a question (as usual). I know that even with knitting the ballband dishcloth, you must knit a rectangle, because when you wash the finished cloth there is a lot of shrinkage of length, but not of width. The rectangle shrinks to be a square. (I always wash my dishcloths before giving them away, so they won't be dissapointed by the shrinkage.) I am wondering if you washed your mitered squares before joining them? How did you address the issue of shrinking in only one direction, and still make a mitered square?? My guess is that you made your squares, and then joined them without washing. I'd love to make one like yours, but I'm worried about what will happen to it when it is washed, and it shrinks in length. How come there is always some variable that we can't control, huh?? So how did you address that issue, please??

that is nothing short of magnificent. big pat on the back-- that is something she will cherish!
That is realy beautiful! So bright and cheery!
Its perfect. Im inspired!
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