Saturday, November 18, 2006


quick ball band question

Hi, I have made a few ball bands and want to do some more for Christmas, but the one I use in my kitchen seems to "grow" alot between washes. Has anyone tried to use a size 6 needle to see if a tighter weave work better when wet????

I accidentally did one on size 6 needles, and it does stay tighter when it's wet, but I prefer the looser ones I knitted on size 7s. Just a matter of peference I guess.
I knitted several on a size 6 needle and found that the took to long to dry. I live in Florida - and that in hot weather they soured very quickly.
My favorite needles size is 6, so that's what I use. :)
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I've done both also, I actually prefer the larger one, but my husband likes the tighter one, so, since it is a 'warshrag', totally up to you, try it and see.
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