Sunday, November 05, 2006


Some FOs

I've enjoyed looking at everyone's work and thought it would be fun to add some of mine to the mix. So far, I've also completed a number of dishcloths and mitered squares (which I plan on sewing together one of these days). As you can probably see from the picture, my garter stitch hat came out way too big for a newborn, so I'm going to frog it and try it again.

if the hat would fit an older baby, you may not need to frog it (babies grow rather quickly). i can't really tell from the picture, but i know i hate frogging unless i ABSOLUTELY have to...
Hats can be that way sometimes- I agree with ren, don't frog unless you really have to. Cute kimono's,btw.
What sweet sets! I also agree about the hat--don't frog it! My daughter's head grew so fast as a baby, I thought it was going to pop. =)
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