Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Sugar N Cream and Miters

I wanted to address the possible effect of Sugar and Cream shrinkage on mitered squares, which I used in my epic for me sugar and cream blanket (please don't shrink! or at least not unevenly!). I did wash my squares before seaming them, but in lukewarm water and then dried them flat to block. I don't anticipate exposing the blanket to the hot water and agitation a dishcloth gets, but it sounds like cold wash delicate might be in order.

All the same, I have felted mitered squares, and they did retain their square shape post-felting even though wool also shrinks more in length than width...maybe the geometry of it works.

Thanks so much for coming back to answer this question. I love the throw you made, and I have SOOO much P&C, in all difference colors, so it was really inspiring to me. But when I thought about the shrinking factor, it really threw me. As I remember, even washing in the washer didn't shrink the ball band cloths much... it was the dryer that really did the shrinking. So your suggestion to wash them and block them prior to sewing should work. Even washing the throw after it is done should still be OK, if you avoid the dryer. Thanks SOOo much for your reply. I'm not 'skeered anymore.

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