Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Baby kimono seaming question?

I've got my first baby kimono finished and blocked and now I need to seam it together. I get the concept of the mattress stitch on garter stitches, but I'm a little confused how that is going to work on the sleeves. I mean, I've basically got a diagonal going where I've bound off the stitches to form the sleeve and so it's not straight, even rows to match up. Can anybody give me some insight as to how to finish this?

I generally just pin it together with stitch markers every few stitches (do top and bottom first so it doesn't buckle) and them seam up as best I can, it looks fine.
I am really excited! This will be my first time visiting, good stuff. Very useful. Enjoyed the visit!
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Lisa - I have also found the baby kimono sleeve stiching to be very frustrating. I have done it two ways. The first would be Stephanie B's method. I've found that the "look" is not very clean but this method does not leave a big, bulky seam inside so it seems more comfortable. Plus who really examines the underarm?? The other approach I have taken is to grab the garter ridges that make up one row deeper than the bind off stitch row. This makes a nicer seam that looks more uniform. However, it also creates a rather lumpy ridge inside the sleeve. I don't like that effect. Seems uncomfortable for the baby.
Thanks for the help, ladies. I've gotten myself all worked up and intimidated over the seaming now and find myself putting it off....over and over again:-( I'm going to make it a goal to get it done before 2007 though. Wish me luck....and courage. LOL!
I was glad that the yarn on my kimono was so variegated that it made my bad seaming job almost invisible. I am terrible at seaming and those sleeves were hard indeed.
The best thing I have found to deal with the sleeve seaming is to plan ahead, and do sloped bindoffs on the sleeves. It leaves a much nicer edge to seam up. Hope this helps anyone who might find this post down the road! =)
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