Thursday, December 14, 2006


Baby Projects Complete

Here a couple of things I've finished up for our newborn granddaughter (mom didn't want too much pink). The kimono was shortened into a regular cardigan w/ irregular buttons and matching baby moderne log cabin (they don't look like they match in the photos but they are actually the same yarn). I really should make a hat to go with this. Maybe after the holidays. The second set isn't really MDK but I just loved it and needed to share it with all of you because none of my friends knit! --Sally

Just love the way you carried the blanket colors into the kimono. It is a great set. And then, the sweater set made with "mexico" sock yarn is a joy. The baby will look so cute. Happy days to you all. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful, wonderful!! I love both sets. Your daughter and granddaughter are very lucky! Beautiful job. I can easily tell that the sweater and blanket match in the first set. I really love the bright colors in the second set! Just---WOW.
Wow! Awesome work! By the way, you do have friends who knit! All of us! Show us your projects anytime:)

Simply GORGEOUS! Can you be my son's "Knitting Grandma"?
Thank you so very much for sharing!
Great work, I'm sure they'll be thrilled.
gorgeous knitting. I haven't thought of using sock yarn for baby clothes - brilliant!
Your second set is my desktop for the week! It's really beautiful. Thanks!
EVerything looks great. What kind of yarn did you use for the blanket and kimono. i second angela "we" are your friends.
Congratulations on your new granddaughter! Love the knits!
Thank you all for such nice comments. The yarn for the blanket & sweater set is Bernat CottonTots. They call for size 7 needles and I used 8s. It makes a much softer fabric. I like it a lot and hope the baby does, too! Thanks again! --Sally
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