Saturday, December 23, 2006


Moderne Log Cabin Crochet

Inspired by the wonderful Mason-Dixon Knitting book, this crocheted utility cloth (dishcloth or washcloth) is my version of their baby blanket. The four colors in the cloth are a great way to use up yarn leftovers from other projects. The only issue is that crocheted log cabin blocks tend to go more trapezoidal than rectangle, but severe blocking fixes that. Get it way and pin it like crazy, and you will have a rectangle. If it doesn't turn out perfectly even, no worries. It's a dishcloth!

I like it
This is fantastic!

Would you share stitch details? (I have very recently taken up crochet and this looks like a good novice project...). If not, no worries.


I would be happy to share the stitch details. I have posted the pattern to my personal blog,

I love it! Gonna have to try that!
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