Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Baby in kimono

Here is a picture of a kimono I made a few weeks ago for my niece's first baby. For those of you worrying about the width of the sleeve you can see that there is plenty of room for his little hand.

Did you follow the pattern exactly? I am thinking the 4 inch sleeves are more an issue if you do stockinette stitch vs garter. Yours turned out lovely. I have yet to see a picture of mine in "action". I finally saw one of my baby sweaters in use this past weekend- not a kimono though.
He is precious. So is the kimono!!!
He is beautiful. The kimono is gorgeous.
The baby is so cute in its tiny kimono. It is great to see the kimono on a baby as it also shows the mother likes it too and will use it during the short time it will fit.
This is simply darling! Baby and sweater both. I'm wondering the same thing as heather... did you follow the pattern exactly. I have made several kimonos but I always shorten the sleeves and make them wider. Since I've also never seen my kimonos in use, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing? Thanks for sharing this.
Yes I followed the pattern exactly but I didn't use the yarn specified as I am in the UK and couldn't find it.
Oh he's so tiny and adorable! He look's very content in his pretty blue kimino.
SO beautiful!! Both the baby and the kimono. Great job- and I agree it is nice to see the sweater in action.
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