Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Log cabin design question

Hi I am making a log cabin blanket where you go round and round making each log longer and longer and I am getting bored with it so I have an design question I tought I would ask to see if you all think it would work.

Can I when I bind off the log I am on now then start(seperately and when complete whip stitch it to it) the smaller log cabin squares and make 2 or 3 per side and add them on to make smaller log cabin squares around to frame the log cabin big square that I have done so far.

I think it would look neat I am just not sure how it would work out so I thought I would toss in the idea for opinions before I try so what do you think?? Thanks ahead of time for any ideas on whether this will work or not or ideas on how to make it work.

For my log cabin blanket two posts ago, I knit 6 separate log cabin squares and then slip stitch crocheted them together. Then I did one strip of same color log cabin border all the way around the 6 attached squares. So I don't see why your log cabin design wouldn't work. You may need more than 2–3 smaller log cabin squares on each side to fit around the bigger log cabin square. Go for it!
I think that would look great.
I think that would probably work great - you would need to do a little math to make sure the blocks matched up so as not to get your blanket all "catty-wampus" AND if I were doing it, I'd probably get out my crayons and sketch it out on paper so I could decide where to put which colors. THEN AGAIN - you could put all the yarn in a grab bag and pull it out whenever you need to change colors - sometimes that's how the best things happen!
Get some graph paper and make a picture! You'll get a good idea of how it will look. Then do a little math with # of stitches.

I think with log cabins, just about anything goes.
That's a great idea... sketch it out beforehand, to help visualize it, using some colored pencils... and see if you like it! I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as the sides match up!
I think you can do anything you please! When I need help falling asleep at night, I think about ways to put log cabins together! Just a few degrees from counting sheep! Let your imagination take you...wherever you want to go! And enjoy!! Beth
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