Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hello everyone!

I think I just drop a line to say hello ... and also to ask a question! :)

Almost the first day I got the book, I started working from it using yarns from the stash! I made the 2 dishcloths ... which are soooo lovely:

They made the not-much-loved chore a more pleasant one!

Now the question. I have been dying to get those potholder loops as seen in the book. However, it seems that I couldn't find them anywhere. Can anyone tell me where I can find these in California? I've been to Jo-Ann and Beverley but couldn't see any. Which section of the stores should I look? I'd love to make those colourful rugs from the book. Thanks a lot.

Which pot holder looks are you referring to? What page do you see them on? I see that both dishcloths instruct an i-cord loop, but I doubt thats what your talking about:)
I saw some yesterday at Joann's in the kids section - they had "refill packs" for the pot holder looms. Good luck!
I've saw big bags of them at the Cracker Barrell restaurant/store.

This place has cotton and wool loops:

Both have a bunch of colors.

I just googled "pot Holder Loom" and a bunch of sites came up with the loom and the supplies. If these are indeed what you are asking about!
Lordy, that brings back memories! I loved these looms as a kid. I think I should make some more, as the last one from my childhood fell apart a few years ago! : )
Potholder loops can be bought for $1 a bag from Harrisville. Go to and look for the recycled cotton craft potholder loops.
i found the harrisville loops online, and was just wondering if the wool or cotton would be best? Any thoughts?:)
Thank you so much, fellow KALers! I'll try all the sources you've mentioned here! And I feel so very excited that suddenly this place is getting so crowded! :)
Hi Agnes and Jnnybee!

The Harrisville loops are the Cadillac of loops, and they're just great. They make them especially for weaving on potholder looms, so they're never too short as happens with the loops that are made from the actual leftovers of sock manufacturing. But Harrisville's are more expensive. For rug making, I think any cotton loops work well, because it doesn't matter whether the loops are small or large.

Cotton or wool? We used the cotton ones for the potholder loop rug that's featured in the book. But the wool ones are really spongy and nice. I didn't wash that rug, though, so I don't know what happens when it's time to clean a wool potholder loop rug.
Thanks so much ann- I was probably overthinking this, cotton or wool? Argh! I just can't wait to crank out the rug.
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