Saturday, July 15, 2006



Hi Everyone - KnottieKnitter, your moderator here.

First I wanted to say thanks for making this KAL such a success! It's been really fun reading all the posts and enjoying all the great Mason Dixon works of art you all have been creating.

So far we've had over 97,000 unique hits to our website, and we've only been going since April - that's pretty amazing!

We're now over 350 members strong - wow!! With that being said, our large group presents a couple of challenges - the main one being BANDWIDTH.

This KAL is to share projects from the Mason Dixon Knitting book ONLY. Please do not post on any other subjects besides those related to the book. If you would like to share items on other subjects please do so on your personal blog and feel free to refer people accordingly. We all need to do our part in reserving bandwidth for Mason Dixon projects. I hate to do this, but any off-subject posts will need to be deleted.

I appreciate everyone's efforts in making this KAL such a success! If you aren't a member yet, and want to be, feel free to email me with "Mason Dixon KAL" in the subject line.

Thank you!!

Does it save bandwith if people post pictures on Flickr then link to the pictures? Flickr has a feature called "blog this photo" that I have used before, and it means the photo is still hosted on flickr.
good idea. i'll look into that.
If folks are looking for a place for non M-D knitting chat and photos, let me recommend as a companion to this blog. Nice folks, and a really inviting interface. There's been a run on dishcloth cotton over there, too.
wavybrains: from my understanding, yes, it will save bandwidth to post your pictures to flickr and then to link them in to the site because instead of uploading the photo to blogger's server, you're creating a link (basically) to the image from Flickr.
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