Friday, July 14, 2006


New warshrag pattern at MDK

Have Y'all seen the new dishcloth pattern at MDK?

Looks cool to me. After I finish this round of ballbands (set of three), I'll have some scraps anyway... a nice quilt-like one sounds cool!

Replying to myself....

I am 8/9 done with this and I think a crocheted edge would look nice on it. Can you believe I have no idea how to do it? Worse yet, I can't find a site to show me how... :( I don't even know what phrase to google so that I can find instructions on how to trim a knit item with crochet...

Can anyone help?

There are probably other places, too (possibly with video, even), but will probably get you where you want to be:

Probably you will want to use what this site calls a "single crochet" (outside of the US, it is often called a "double crochet" -- confusing!). You'll want to put maybe 3 crochet stitches in each corner to get enough ease so that your corners don't bunch up.
Thanks! :)
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