Friday, July 14, 2006


How did I get this to pattern the way it did?

Debbie asked me the question - how did you get to pattern this way? Well, it just sort of happened. If you used Peaches and Cream cotton yarn that has three colors in it and you cast on 38-40 stitches using a size 6 needle, it seems to pattern like this (at least it does for me) - I remember reading in some email postings about this some time ago that the tri colors will do this. You have to play around with the number of stitches you cast on, and the size needle you use and according to your particular tension, it works out this way. This one worked out particularly well - I do remember when I cast on that my first stitch was the very beginning of a color. On this particular bib, I cast on 40 as directed in the book and used size 6 needles. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the tip! I stocked up on this color yarn last year with the intention of making dish cloths with it. Now I know how to add some extra oomf to them!
This is way too cool! I'll have to try it again!
Thanks for that! I always love when the colors work out, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to swatch until I get it right!!!
wow! it's fantastic...
Looks like Argyle or tartan. Fantastic luck.
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