Thursday, July 13, 2006


Curve of Pursuit

Hi everybody, when I first started this blanket I had no idea that a picture of it was in the Mason Dixon Book. After some people read about it on my blog and said they would buy the book now because of this blanket I had a look and there it was. Of cousre there's no pattern in the book. If you would like to know the stats about this blanket you can read about it on my blog . This was a lot of fun and if I have time I'll do another one.
Have fun knitting,

This looks great!

I remember seeing it on the book but didn't look closely enough to realize that the pattern is not in there.

Happy Knitting
WOW -beautiful blanket and in my favorite colors too!
Looks FAB! Good job. Off to check out your blog....
That is gorgeous AND hurting my eyes just a little bit. I am nearly done with my log cabin blanket, so it figures another pattern would come along to suck me back in! :)
Amazing blanket!
Oh my gosh! That's SO PRETTY!!
Wow!!! How beautiful.

I remember seeing it in the book (and loving it)

Your's is lovely!
That is amazing!
That is amazing!
Odd that that is in the book but not the pattern. Very pretty!
Speechless. Really.
Really, really great.
OMG this is amazing!! wonderful job! i will be visiting your blog to see where you got the pattern.
Whoa! This one really caught my eye. Fab blanket. I love the pattern and colors you've chosen. It's a beauty!
I have looked everywhere for the pattern including E-bay and cannot find it! Help!!!
wow! I love the colors. I like yours better than the one I saw in the book. I didn't realize the pattern wasn't there because I knew I'd never knit it! but looking at yours.....
I did see a picture of a blanket like this in the book and loved it. However, I believe you've topped the picture in the book! This is AMAZING! I'm counting the days until the vendor gets back so I can buy this pattern! Beautiful work!
Definately inspiring
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