Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Moderne Log Cabin

My first Log Cabin Blanket!

This isn't the best photo - garter stitch always seems to mess with my camera, as if it doesn't really know what to focus on.

I'm still trying to decide if I should crochet a single line of border. If I did I think I would use the dark wine color or maybe the lightest bluish one - the one that isn't on any of the edge strips. What do you guys think? Border or no?

The Stats:
The Pattern: Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting
The Yarn: Elann Endless Summer Collection Sonata
2 skeins of 2138 Mauve (color A)
3 skeins of 6399 Lilac (color B)
4 skeins of 6319 Soft Periwinkle (color C)
3 skeins of 6960 Victorian Grape (color D)
The Needles: Addi Turbo Circs #5 47"
I didn't need needles that long until the last strip of the blanket though. 32" might have worked.

What I learned: I LOVE LOG CABIN BLANKETS!!! The possibilities are endless as will be the number of Log Cabin blankets you will be seeing on this blog. :) Ever since I started this blanket I have been envisioning others - different colors, different blocks, different materials. I could hardly wait to finish this one so I could get on to the next one.

I based the color scheme of this blanket on my daughter's favorite toy. This morning when I told her it was finished she grabbed it and loved on it saying "Blankie, blankie!". I have some adorable photos of that. :)

My time on this from start to finish was about two weeks. I've already started another one in a different style and color scheme.

I love your blanket, Stephanie. I'm voting FOR a border. The only reason is that I'm working on block 7 of that same blanket and have been thinking about borders all the time I've been knitting it. I finally decided that the border would hold it all together. So I'm going to do it. So that's one vote. If you decide to do one, please post another picture so we can all see what a difference a border makes! Thanks. --Sally
I vote for a border too, but only because I seem to favor them on everything. It looks great as is, good choice on the color.
Border: It's fine without it, but it would be REALLY pulled-together visually with a border added. I'd go with the darker color; I learned in quilting that the eye likes a place to stop, and a light color will continue to draw the eye outward. (It is, of course, a matter of your preference -- there are no knitting police OR quilt police.) :)
I LOVE the colours in this blanket. Well done!
oooo!!! I love the colors!!
I vote for the border too! I finished the same blanket recently (out of black, white, heather gray, and apple green), and I was completely surprised at how finished mine looked once I added the border. I also went against my personal grain and used white on the border. I liked how there was no white on the outside - really made the border POP! Congratulations on finishing yours. It's gorgeous!
It's really beautiful. I do think the border would tie it together, but strangely, for that very reason I am hoping it remains border-less. I think I sort of love the minimalistic, slightly un-finished look.

Either way, you win cuz you have one snazzy looking blanket!
Love your blankie. Your knitting is so straight and nice and the colors are really gorgeous together. Thanks for posting all the stats. It's beautiful!
It looks beautiful, will you be able to get it back from your daughter to add the border?
Hi Stephanie,

Your blanket is very lovely!

I would add the border in the pale blue color, as you said it is the only one not featured on the edge and it will really balance out the rest of the blanket and make those dark squares stand out.

Best regards!
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This is so gorgeous. I'm knitting one myself, and I've been in limbo from block number one what to do about a border. I think I'm leaning towards it just because it makes the one in the book look so polished.

Great job on the blanket.. does it make you itch to make more? I'm already planning several log cabin-esque blankets for the future.
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