Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Dishcloth Reloaded

I finally have made two successful round Mason Dixon dish cloths. I made a wonky crooked one awhile back with Sugar & Cream that I kept loosing count on that wasn't picture worthy. Then I tried to make one with the Cotton Chenile, but the yarn snapped. Then I tried Knit Picks Crayon, but it wasn't thick enough and I kept loosing count with the fuzzy texture. I wanted cloths for the bathroom, and I wanted them to be soft. So I finally used Cotton Tots.

The pictures are a bit dark, I took them last night in my excitement at completion.
I put round soaps inside. The colors are mint green and lilac with dark purple ribbons.

Thanks for looking. Amy

They are beautiful. I had trouble, too, with this pattern. Not sure why--except that you do have to keep track and pay attention a little. More than some other things. I'm pretty new to knitting, but should be able to "get" this one. Was your eventual success due mostly to using a particular yarn (Cotton Tots)? Or something else? I'll have to try again.
Amy, they look lovely,
your persistence paid off,
somebody will be very happy with them!!!

This pattern looks best in a solid color,
I made mine with an ombre and wish
I hadn't, especially after seeing yours.
These...are adorable. I'll definitely have to make a go of these once my other colossal project is finished. Well done!
Amy- your warshcloths are very pretty- I like the idea of cotton tots for a face/body cloth....will have to try that. Also love the soap in the the bag for a sweet gift or display.
I have made several in the round warshcloths from different patterns, but all started in the center.....my 1st attempt at this one failed, but will give it another go....thanks for sharing!
I love the colors that you used. They look so calming and peaceful! I haven't tried these yet, but after seeing yours I think that I might have to!
You've inspired me to try these. I make soaps for gifts every year and these washclothes would make great wrapping.
It's hard to beat cotton tots for an extra soft warshcloth. They look fantastic.
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