Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Even more Ball-Band Dishcloths

I think I may have hit Ball-Band dishcloth overload! My enthusiasm has abated, so these will be my last for awhile, at least. A partial reason for hitting dishcloth overload is that this pattern has lead me to knitting other dishcloth patterns. Besides, I have a kimono to seam up and am looking at starting an Absorba.

I finished the reverse of the one in my favorite colors pink and navy:

I also knit up the last of the Summer Splash, Hot Green, and Hot Blue Sugar & Cream that I had in stash:

This week, I'll be posting photos of other patterns I've knit on my blog.

Very cool! I think I'm about to hit dishcloth overload, too. I'm in the midst of a 3-fer (3 colors in a rotation) and then I think I'll be putting the needles away for awhile.

I looked at your blog and saw your pic of the fireworks in Milwaukee. Are you in Milwaukee? I am!
Yes, I'm in Milwaukee. :-)
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