Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hi all!

I just joined and have a couple minutes for a quick question before I scoot off to work. I want to make Absorba and was wondering if anyone has been able to find the double worsted Peaches and Creme? I have been reading how everyone has used the regular worsted and that is an option and I also saw you could order it directly from the company but I would much rather be able to find it in the store somewhere...instant gratification and all :-)

I have one more craft place near me that I am going to check today and then I will probably go with the regular worsted


A friend of mine has made one from the double worsted-- she got the yarn from a weaver who had bought it direct and wholesale from the company. The rug looked great -- very cushy -- and my friend said it was very easy to log cabin. Sounds to me as if it's worth the hunt. Let us know what you do! Kelly
I couldn't find double worsted in my area (north Texas). My Wal-Mart carries Peaches & Creme but their selection is very slim.

If you find double worsted somewhere besides direct from the company, please comment on my blog and let me know. :)

I couldn't find double worsted around Atlanta. Tried Walmart and two Hobby Lobbys without success. Actually, I wasn't even able to find Peaches N Creme yarn and used Sugar N Creme. I'm sure they have had quite the run on folks coming in asking and buying Sugar N Creme.
I was only able to find double worsted from Elmore Pisgah themselves or www.cottonclouds.com. It's cheaper from EP. I ordered the regular worsted from EP and had it in less than a week. Shipping was quite resonable. I've heard a lot of complaints from others that they thought shipping was too high. But they only charged about $7 for 6 cones, I thought that was very good.

I used 4 strands of Sugar N Cream for my Absorba on US13 needles and it worked out great. But if you decide to go with the double worsted, I highly recommend shopping with the manufacturer.
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