Sunday, July 09, 2006



I want to knit a bath rug. So, I'll need to go and get a cone of the boring ecru, that isn't boring in the book, and I have some size 15 needles. Geez, it's Sunday. I live within walking distance of the hobby lobby, and wouldn't you know it, it's Sunday. I have the urge to go to Hobby Lobby after work tomorrow, and grabe me a cone and bring it home.
OOps, I have to finish my sock first. But, I have such and urge to start it.
Has anyone made the rug out of the balls of Sugar and cream? How many balls does it take to make a rug? I have a few balls, by now, of Sugar and Cream.
I think I have to lay blame, as well, to the book, cause the colors are not as plentiful, so I got on Ebay, and now I have quite a bit to work with.I'll finish my dishcloth, and get a pic of it, then start my rug. How cool is this, to make cool things with cheap cotton yarn?


I used 6 strands of the balls of s&c held together - and I ran out of yarn and had to tie on new balls - for a total of 12 balls of yarn. You can also try using 3 or 4 or 5 strings held together.
Oh. I think I might actually have that in my sudden made stash. Maybe I have 6 balls of different colors. I have a 440 yard ball of something even cheaper than Sugar and cream. I relaly didn't need to start it, but it seemed so different and fun. I need to finish my socks.
I've used three strands of some Denim stuff by Aunt something opr other, from Hobby Lobby lobby, and one strand of Sugar and cream, and all in bright colors.
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