Saturday, July 08, 2006


Playing with Polymer

Thanks to Francie and her adorable polymer clay buttons (June 28), I was inspired to go to the library and get a book on polymer clay and then played last night. They are certainly not professional-looking, but I think that they're fun (and I had fun doing it). I think it would help to get a circular template to shape the buttons (mine were all by hand).
Here are the buttons:

I attached one of the new buttons to a plain bib (shown with a burp towel and another bib). I also added a 2-stitch i-cord heart.

My supportive husband says it does look like a heart, but then again, maybe he just wanted me to finish so we could have dinner. :)

I have no vested interest in dinner with you and I think it looks like a heart =)

Circle template or not, I think the buttons are ADORABLE! You did a great job!
They look great! How this button makes the plain one real special!
Yes, it looks like a heart and yes, he did want dinner! Your work is adorable, thanks for sharing.
I love the buttons and the bibs are too adorable. I might have to give polymer clay a try, it looks like a lot of fun!
Your buttons are great and really add to your bib. Great job. You can get little cookie cutters in graduated sized from Wiltons in the cake decorating section or from Makin's Clay in the polymer clay section at Michael's. They have all different shapes that make great buttons. If you use cutters for buttons, you might want to smooth the edges with your fingers before baking to remove the sharp edge. Or you can make round buttons by rolling a nice smooth ball in your hands and then flatten it in your hand or between sheets of wax paper.

I think matching buttons really make handknits special. Keep up the good work. And keep experimenting.

very cool.

i am learning soooo much from all you women. I would never have thought of making my own buttons....
the buttons are super fun. you are going to make me get into the botton making business. i don't even have enough time to knit these days!
LOVE it!! You've inspired me so much - keep it up!
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