Friday, July 28, 2006



Please be conservative with the pictures you choose to post on this site.

We can only allow ONE picture of EACH project per POST.

This means:

1. We love to see your progress, but we don't need to see 3 different pictures documenting various stages of knitting project.

2. Please choose the best version of your photographed item.....we don't need to see washrags posing in various parts of the house or kitchen or bathroom. As much as we love to see these....we need to conserve our bandwidth.

3. No more pictures of piles of yarn that you will eventually knit up.

These are all fun pictures - trust me, I like looking at them just as much as you do....but we all must do our parts to conserve bandwidth.


If you have any questions about this or about joining our KAL, feel free to contact me:

Are links to additional pictures still okay or do links eat up bandwith too?
Yes these are allowed! ...and great idea by the way. Linking to other pictures that are stored on flickr or your personal blog is a good way to save bandwidth for this site.
Does using the html code provided from flickr vs uploading the pictures help with bandwidth issues?
I know that on my blog, I upload with href codes from photobucket, which uses very little bandwidth vs. using the blogger upload. You usually must resize the photos during the posting process, but it is very simple using the drag and click method.

Also, you will then have a handy dandy photo album of your knitting on photobucket. (I find the uploading much faster here as well vs. blogger.)

Dear Ladies,

I just love the book. However, after reading it cover to cover (ikes) in one night, I was extremely upset that the tilting log cabin afghan was not included in the book. This was the reason I bought the book, based on skimming. I don't understand why this pattern is not in the book. Does anyone know why? It appears to be free advertising for the company that designed it!!

many thanks, Lisa in Wisconsin
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